Enrich Your Hugelkultur Bed With Bokashi Compost

Add nutrient-dense bokashi compost to maximize your hugelkultur bed's potential.

Ferment Your Food Scraps and Feed Them To Your Garden Beds

Bokashi Bran ferments your food scraps inside the bin,trapping nutrients in a form that plants love. Simply add the finished compost to your hugelkultur bed for a nutrient boost.

Feed Your Soil Life

The diverse microbes in bokashi compost activate the soil food web in your hugelkultur bed. This fuels robust plant growth from root to leaf.

Jumpstart Garden Beds With Living Compost

The fermented food scraps and bran in bokashi compost provide a natural "starter culture" for the soil organisms in your hugelkultur bed. Give your garden beds a healthy head start.

How to use Bokashi in your Hugelkultur Bed

How it works: Simply add your food scraps to Bokashi Bran in an airtight container. In a few weeks, the scraps will ferment into compost you can add directly to the base of your hugelkultur bed for a nutrient boost that activates the soil and feeds your plants.